Russia tests two Covid-19 vaccines on humans

Russia began clinical trials on Wednesday for the first two models of vaccines against the emerging corona virus in two groups, each with 38 volunteers.

The Russian Ministry of Health announced that "the clinical trials of the two vaccines against the Covid-19 epidemic started on June 17".

It said in a statement that it authorized these experiments conducted by one of its institutes is the Nikolai Gamalia Center for Research in Epidemiology and Microbiology.

She added that one of the two models is "liquid" while the second is "frozen" without further details about the nature or composition of the vaccines.

After vaccination, the 76 volunteers will be placed in isolation for a period of 28 days, their health status will be monitored and they will undergo tests to assess their level of immunity and possible side effects.

As of April, Russia set a target for it to conduct the first human vaccine trials, starting in June. Several research centers work on different products.

On Wednesday, Russia recorded 553,300 cases with 19 -74 covid and 7,478 deaths.


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