European Union: Efforts being made with all parties to prevent implementation of the annexation scheme

The European Union confirmed today, Wednesday, that efforts are being made with all parties to prevent the implementation of annexation schemes.

"The European effort and focus now is on preventing the implementation of the Israeli annexation plan, whether in whole or in part," Shadi Othman said in a radio interview.

Othman added that the European Union is trying to avoid reaching the start of the annexation scheme, pointing out that if the occupation government does so, it will have repercussions and repercussions.

He pointed out that the European Union foreign ministers' meeting two days ago with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the peace process in the Middle East and recent developments regarding the Israeli plan and the European view of it.

He cautioned that "the American side has not yet responded to what was proposed by a European during the meeting," expressing his hope that the European-American contact will have a near effect.

On Friday, President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to chair a meeting of the Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah), according to what the Secretary of the Committee, Major General Gabriel Rajoub, has announced.

Rajoub said in a brief statement, that the meeting will be devoted to follow-up developments related to the Israeli annexation plans, and to take appropriate decisions to respond to the "liquidation projects" of the Palestinian issue.

This comes as the newspaper "Israel Hume" stated, on the front page of its front page, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is studying the possibility of implementing the first two-stage annexation plan, which provides for the extension of Israeli sovereignty in the settlements located in the depth of the West Bank by 10, not 30 percent, as it allows " Deal of the Century. "

The newspaper added, according to the Israeli public radio, that Israel will go again after the implementation of the first stage to the Palestinian Authority and invite it to sit around the negotiating table, and if the Palestinian refusal continues, the move will be made to the second stage.

She pointed out that the proposal is still under consideration in the Cabinet of Ministers, and that Israel would like to know the position of the United States, pointing out that Netanyahu reached the conclusion that the fragmentation of the annexation plan implies a message to the international community and the countries of the Middle East that Israel is listening to critical voices and taking Take steps with caution.


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