Hundreds of Latin American journalists are calling for the occupation’s release

 Hundreds of Latin American journalists and media organizations sent an open letter to the United Nations calling for intervention to release the journalists detained in Israeli prisons.

The Committee to Support Journalists cooperated with Latin American media organizations and journalists, in a memorandum prepared by the committee clarifying the suffering faced by journalists detained in the Israeli occupation prisons.

The committee confirmed that 20 journalists have been detained in Israeli prisons for years, who are subjected to abuse, torture and detention without charge in administrative detention.

In turn, the Chairman of the Committee to Support Journalists, Saleh Al-Masry, thanked all the institutions and journalists in Latin America who had solidarity with Palestinian journalists in Israeli prisons, stressing that this solidarity would shed light on the suffering of journalists as a result of the Israeli attacks, especially journalists detained inside Israeli prisons.

The Egyptian journalist called on all journalists and media organizations to interact and support the committee’s demands for the release of the arrested journalists, stressing that the signing of about 200 journalists would open the file of attacks on Palestinian journalists, especially in light of the escalation of Israeli attacks against press institutions.

The Committee to Support Journalists had launched a campaign since the beginning of 2020 demanding the release of Palestinian journalists detained inside Israeli prisons, as the memorandum included detailed data and information documented with pictures and numbers showing the suffering of Palestinian journalists.


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