Austria confirms its commitment to the position of the European Union on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

 Austria confirmed that its political position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has not changed, and it is based on international resolutions and international law, and the principle of a two-state solution through direct negotiations.

And Austria's Foreign Minister Alexander Schalinberg, in a telephone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Riyad al-Maliki, rejected any unilateral move, indicating that the solution of the outstanding issues between the two parties should be carried out through negotiations.

Schallenburg said that Austria would not hesitate to express its annoyance and concern over any intentions Israel has behind closed doors.

He pointed out that he will speak within days with the US Secretary of State, to clarify the Trump administration's position regarding the Israeli annexation decision, especially at such a current time and circumstance.

He stressed his keenness to follow up his communication with his Palestinian counterpart to discuss all issues of concern to the two countries, starting with the development of bilateral relations.

He recalled his recent conversation with the new Israeli foreign minister, as he reaffirmed Austria's consistent position on all of these issues.

He said that a meeting will be held soon for the foreign ministers of the European Union countries, to complete their discussions on the issue of annexation and other topics, in order to determine the nature and mechanisms of their reactions to this step.

The two ministers agreed to maintain contact and communication between them during the coming period, specifically before the end of the date in which Netanyahu announced his intention to implement the annexation plan, in order to intensify European and international efforts to prevent this from happening.


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