Ramallah´s march against the escalating crimes of the occupation

he women's movement "Talatat", after Tuesday afternoon, staged a sit-in and a march in Ramallah, rejecting the escalating Israeli occupation crimes that resulted in the killing of seven young men.

The seven martyrs are: Iyad Al-Hallaq, Fadi Samara, Mustafa Younis, Baha Al-Awawdeh, Salama Abu Kaf, Rami Ghalban, Zaid Qaysisah.

Dozens of women, and some activists, organized an event organized on Al-Manara Square in the center of Ramallah, during which they raised pictures of the seven martyrs, and the participants and participants chanted against the occupation and its crimes, and set out on a march that roamed the streets of Ramallah.

The Israeli occupation forces suppressed after Tuesday afternoon, a similar march organized in the city of Jerusalem, against the field executions carried out by the occupation, the latest of which was the martyrdom of the young Iyad al-Hallaq with special needs.

The occupation forces suppressed the Jerusalem march, which was organized on Salah El-Din Street, and arrested at least 3 girls and beat a number of participants.

In the same context, today, Tuesday, several demonstrations and similar protest pauses were launched at the invitation of the Harakat "Talatat" movement, in the cities of Nazareth, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Haifa and Rafah, to denounce the field executions by the occupation forces against the Palestinians.

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