Yoga to relieve "pressure pressure" on the police in Bangladesh

 Dozens of Bangladeshi policemen participated in group yoga sessions organized in Dhaka to promote their health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The police played a major role in enforcing closures in the country of 168 million people, before lifting them at the end of May.

But the new Corona virus has infected more than six thousand people, and resulted in the death of 19 others across Bangladesh.

In the capital Dhaka, at least 1,850 policemen were injured, and ten died, according to official figures.

"They play a vital role in the streets to maintain law and order," said Rajun Kumar Saha, spokesman for the Diplomatic Security Department of Dhaka Police, which started organizing yoga sessions, on Sunday.

He added, "It was important to keep them away from stress and pressure while working."

And the number of Covid-19 casualties was rising in this poor country on a daily basis even during the closing period, and experts fear that there will be more severe increases with the resumption of economic activity.

Saha explained that in crowded Dhaka, it was difficult for the locals to maintain social estrangement, adding to the pressure on the police and other security forces.

This old practice from India will provide physical and psychological support to the policemen, said yoga instructor Shama McCaing.

The police are considering providing yoga classes and other physical training to its members in other departments as well.

Bangladesh has recorded more than 68,500 infections, and more than 900 deaths.


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