A giant Chinese panda fails to escape from a Danish zoo

Two giant panda animals at the Copenhagen Zoo escaped from its barn early Monday, but guards quickly spotted it and safely brought it back to its place, according to the Danish Zoo.

The panda Cheng Air managed to escape crossing the facility's barrier, which led to an alarm, prompting guards to release a sedative injection to control it and return it to its place in the park.

The authorities had brought Sheng Air and his Mao Sun fighter to Denmark from China in April 2019.

Zoo security spokesman Bennget Holst said the security camera footage showed the panda climbed a metal beam and crawled from under an electric fence.

He added that the accident will be investigated and "to ensure that it is not repeated in the future."

Cheng was unaffected by his flight, and was returned to his barn, which was built specifically for iconic animals, loaned from China for 15 years at an estimated cost of $ 1 million annually.

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