In Italy ... a region that promotes tourism with free tests of Corona

In an effort to attract tourists, the mountainous region of South Tyrol in Italy plans to provide free checks for the Corona virus (Covid19-) to anyone who wants to submit to it.

Arno Kumpacher, president of the wealthy Alpine region, said on public Radio "Ray" that both a nasal swab and a serological test would be available. The checks will be provided as a "service" only and will not be required from visitors.

The nasal swab is used to determine whether a person is currently infected with the virus, while the serological test indicates whether the person was infected with the virus in the past and has developed antibodies.

Kombacher has also spoken of providing "coved-free areas" in hotels and is limited to people who have undergone tests where social divergence procedures will not be required.

South Tyrol, a German-speaking territory that was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is famous for being a winter ski destination and hiking trips in summer.

The president of the region said he was "very confident" that tourists from neighboring Germany would be able to travel there without restrictions starting June 15, the day that Germany is due to lift a ban on


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