Israeli minister calls for adoption of "iron policy" against Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Israeli Education Minister Naftani Bennett called on the army to pursue an "iron" policy on the borders of the Gaza Strip.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Bennett criticized the policy of Israeli army Minister Avigdor Lieberman to fight the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, describing it as a "weak and leftist policy."

A member of the political and security cabinet said, "Capinet ", "The time has come for a right-wing iron policy."

"I expected Lieberman to attack Hamas, not me, his policy is weak and he pulls the whole government to the left, and because of this policy the tyranny of Hamas is increasing day by day," he said.

"The person who launches the blazing balloons just like the one carrying an explosive device is a terrorist, not an innocent child, so it must be filtered and shelled with rockets," he said.

For his part, Lieberman replied to Bennett, "the Minister of Education does not care about education or security, and for me the man was wiped out and from tomorrow I consider him not present."

"I suggest that Bennett pay attention to education and leave security; otherwise, I am ready to take up my education and security portfolios and let Bennett have the policy," said the Israeli Minister of war in remarks published by the Hebrew Radio (official).

On March 30, the Palestinians began a peaceful weekly procession near the Gaza-occupied Palestinian territory in 1948, demanding the return of the refugees to their towns and villages in 1948, breaking the siege of Gaza and killing the Israeli occupation army 204 Palestinian citizens, since the start of marches known as the "Grand Return marches", while another 22,000 Palestinians have been shot and wounded, including 400 in serious condition.

Of the martyrs, 10 are being held by the Israeli authorities and have not been registered in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.



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