Ashrawi: Israel is using the American complicity to impose new facts

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hanan Ashrawi, said on Friday that Israel is taking advantage of the "American complicity and the growing populist and racist ideology", in addition to the crisis of the Corona virus (COFED-19) to impose new facts on the Palestinian territories .

Ashrawi said, in a statement after meeting over the Internet the British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverley, that the plan to annex Israel to Palestinian lands "is not new and it is actually applied on the ground."

Ashrawi urged the British government to recognize the state of Palestine, translate the consensus of the British Parliament and vote by an overwhelming majority in favor of this in 2014 and confirm its commitment to the two-state solution.

And she stressed the necessity of forming an international multilateral alliance to preserve international law and to face the great challenges facing the international system, and to take effective steps to end the US administration's dominance of the fate of the peace process.

The statement quoted Cleverley as confirming that annexing Israel to Palestinian lands "will constitute a major obstacle and will have a serious impact on the path of the real peace process," stressing that Palestinian-Israeli relations are "frustrating."

In May, President Abbas announced the dissolution of all agreements and understandings with the American and Israeli governments, and of all the obligations incurred in response to the Israeli plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

Abbas recently chaired a meeting of the crisis cell to follow up on the Israeli annexation plan and how to respond to it with similar steps and mechanisms.

This comes as Israeli public radio published that a meeting involving the heads of security and military circles was held with the aim of developing scenarios to deal with possible scenarios if it was decided to extend Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank.

According to the radio, the talk revolves around possibilities ranging from slipping things to total war to relative calm.


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