Arrests in Qalqilya, Ramallah, Tulkarm, Bethlehem and Hebron

 The occupation forces raided several cities in the West Bank on Thursday night, arrested 19 citizens from separate areas, and tampered with the contents of many houses.

Local sources reported to "Al-Quds" dot com, that the occupation forces arrested 4 young men from Azzun and another young man from the neighboring town of Kafr Thulath, where the student was arrested at the University of Khadouri in the Faculty of Engineering Iyad Ahmed Shabita (18 years), and Yahya Rashid Radwan (18 years old) ), Zaid Fathi Suwaidan (19 years), Saad Tayseer (25 years), and from the town of Kafr Thulth, southeast of Qalqilya, Adham Rafiq Shawahneh (34 years), who is the brother of the prisoner Ali Shawahna, was arrested.

The occupation forces stormed the town of Azzun, last night, and fired live bullets and gas canisters intensively, which led to cases of suffocation of children and prevented the ambulance from treating citizens in the Al-Mantar area near the military tower in the place, and another young man was wounded with rubber bullets and was treated in the field, and the army claimed The occupation exposed one of its patrols to a Molotov cocktail, and the incursions were reinforced with military vehicles.

The correspondent in Tulkarm reported that the occupation forces arrested 3 young men, who are: Yahya Sadiq Qarout, Ous Muhammed Al-Hosary from the suburb of Dhannaba in the east, and the young man Munjid Radwan from Tulkarm camp.

The Israeli occupation forces raided many homes of citizens in Tulkarm, searched them thoroughly, tampered with their contents, and detained their residents, and also occupied the roofs of many citizens' homes.

In Ramallah governorate, the forces arrested Ayman Al-Atshan and Asir Naeem Al-Arouri from the town of Aroura northwest of Ramallah. They also arrested the brothers Ahmed and Jamil Nasser from the town of Qibya, west of the city.

In Bethlehem, the correspondent of "Al-Quds" reported the arrest of the young man, Abd al-Rahman Shuaibat, after raiding his house in the Wadi Abu Sa`di area in Beit Sahour, and searching the house of the prisoner Muhammad Talib al-Masry in the village of Al-Shawawra.

In Hebron, the occupation forces arrested 8 citizens, who are: Arafat Atawneh, Issam Ali Hassan Al-Zuhour and Mustafa Ahmed Asafra from the town of Beit Kahil northwest of Hebron, and arrested the brothers Ehab and Ahmed Abu Raya from Al-Fawwar camp.

In the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, forces arrested Bilal Abdel Rahman Awad (18 years), Kifah Ahmed Abu Ayyash (35 years), and Muhammad Sami Abu Ayyash (24 years).


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