Italy is "concerned" about the possibility of carrying out the annexation and plans to provide 25 million euros to the Palestinians

Italy has expressed concern about the possibility of Israel annexing parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement today that this plan and unilateral actions, if implemented, would expose any possibility for the resumption of direct peace talks.

She stressed that Italy still believes that the two-state solution is the only one capable of guaranteeing peace and development in the Middle East, which was negotiated directly by both parties.

She pointed out that Italy plans to provide about 25 million euros to the Palestinians who live in Palestine and the neighboring countries this year, in light of the emergency situation due to the new Corona virus, with the aim of strengthening health services.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said that a contribution of 8 million euros has been approved to the World Bank, to build a water desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, to encourage sustainable Palestinian economic growth.

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