The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The crime of demolishing homes and facilities is at the core of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants called on the International Criminal Court to show the required and appropriate attention to the crime of demolishing Palestinian homes and facilities, especially as they fall within the jurisdiction of the court and its regulations, including the Rome founding system.

The Foreign Ministry condemned, in a press statement, today, Wednesday, the continuous demolitions of Palestinian homes and installations throughout the occupied land, the latest of which was the ongoing brutal demolition and extermination of the Ain Hajlah Bedouin community east of Jericho by the occupation forces, which would lead to the displacement of 8 Palestinian families In addition to the occupation forces photographing many agricultural installations belonging to a number of citizens in several areas in the northern Jordan Valley, and inhabited by Palestinian families, as is the case in Hammam al-Maleh and al-Deir, and the demolition of another house in Musafir Yatta, south of Hebron, as well as the escalation in house demolitions And Palestinian installations in occupied East Jerusalem, with the aim of deporting citizens and forcing them to leave their lands and evict them by force for the benefit of settlement and settlers, as an integral part of a continuous process of ethnic cleansing committed by the Occupying Power and its various arms against Palestinian citizens, in order to impose Israeli law on them and annex them.

The Foreign Ministry held the occupation government fully responsible for this crime and its serious repercussions, and called on the international community to break its silence and assume its legal and moral responsibilities imposed by international law to provide international protection to the Palestinian people.

The Foreign Ministry said: The sufficiency of the Security Council and states with statements and positions of condemnation and expressing concern about these crimes and their results does not rise to the level of the ongoing crime against our people.

She reiterated that the complete American bias towards the occupation, its plans and projects.


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