The People´s National Congress of Jerusalem condemns the demolitions in several areas of the Holy City

 In a statement issued yesterday, Tuesday, the People's National Congress of Jerusalem denounced the Israeli occupation authorities' demolition of homes, shops and barracks under construction in the "Al-Salaa neighborhood" area in Jabal Al-Mukabber, Al-Sawahrah, Silwan, and Beit Hanina, on the pretext of not licensing. To displace entire families and make them outdoors.

The conference stressed in its statement that this demolition is part of the process of ethnic cleansing practiced by the occupation authorities against the people of Jerusalem and their property, noting that this incursion aims to displace citizens from their city to make it over time with a Jewish majority.

The conference called on the international institutions, the European Union, Russia and China to immediately and urgently intervene in order to stand by the Palestinian people and put an end to the Israeli aggression, which destroys all opportunities to revive the peace process that the occupying country killed.

The conference called for an international investigation to be opened into the killing, demolition, and confiscation carried out by Israel against the Jerusalemites, in full view of the entire world without regard for international treaties and covenants.


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