Gaza Health: Corona´s outbreak around the Strip is disturbing and dangerous

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the outbreak of the epidemic of corona around the Gaza Strip is worrisome and makes us in danger, which requires intensified efforts to keep our society free of the virus.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qidra, added during the press briefing today, Tuesday: “The continued commitment of citizens to prevention instructions will have an impact in the gradual work of the various sectors according to health regulations . ”

He stressed that the Ministry of Health will follow up with the competent authorities the extent of the commitment of all sectors to the health regulations that were approved for the safety of citizens and the immunization of society .

He considered the ability to continue the Israeli blockade and tighten the noose on the Gaza Strip and not to supply the sector's share of the total aid received by the Palestinian Authority, putting health services at stake in the face of the Corona pandemic .

He called on the concerned authorities to respond immediately to provide urgent needs of medicines, medical consumables, laboratory supplies, laboratory examination materials and medical equipment according to the health plan to counter the Corona pandemic .

And review the latest developments in the laboratory follow-up of quarantine hosts. He pointed out that no new cases of Corona virus have been recorded in the Gaza Strip for days .

He explained that the total number of Corona virus infections recorded in the Gaza Strip since last March amounted to 61 cases, including one death for an elderly woman, while 18 cases recovered, and 42 cases are still under treatment at the Isolation Hospital at the Rafah crossing and their situation is reassuring .

A temporary watchdog

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and National Security, revealed that it was decided to form a temporary monitoring body from the Ministry of Interior and Health; To follow up the implementation of the procedures necessary to operate all establishments and sectors, a decision will be taken to close any establishment that violates these procedures .

He said: "The Ministries of Interior and Health continue to end the precautionary quarantine procedures for the hosts of the next third regiment through the Rafah crossing during the past month of May, during the next two days, after spending a period of 21 days, and complete the necessary examination procedures . "

He added: "A decision was taken to ease the measures taken in a number of different sectors, as the competent authorities continue to develop perceptions and details necessary to restart these sectors, according to special protocols prepared by the Ministry of Health for each sector as appropriate, and restarting these sectors will begin by opening mosques starting at dawn tomorrow. Wednesday . "

Al-Bazm indicated that the competent authorities will notify the establishments and sectors intended to be restarted with the necessary procedures and details, and they will be announced to the public clearly during the coming days .

He pointed out that special meetings will be held with the owners of establishments and service providers in various sectors starting from Wednesday and over the coming days; To put them in the form of procedures and controls to be taken in preparation for operating these sectors .

Gradual return

For his part, the head of the government media office in Gaza, Salama Marouf, stressed the gradual return to work in all government institutions according to safety procedures .

He pointed out that this trend is consistent with the stability of conditions inside the sector and not to record any injury within the community and confine it to compulsory quarantine centers .

Maarouf said: "We did not leave the square of danger, and therefore we stress the need to adhere to the regulations and procedures for opening these institutions and not tolerating them, and many oversight bodies will follow up on the commitment according to if the complacency is proven, the violating institution will be closed . "

He added: "The compulsory quarantine decision has proven successful so far in reducing the risk of transmission of infection from the surrounding geographical areas, accordingly, we seek to tighten our procedures on the crossings for individuals and goods . "

He continued: "With the re-evaluation of the internal procedures according to the medical controls, we stress in this context the decision not to receive any regiments of the stranded returnees until the first of next July . "

Marouf pointed out that nurseries and vocational training centers for social care have been opened in accordance with the medical regulations established by the Ministry of Social Development, as well as tourist chalets .


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