A marked improvement on the cleanliness of the Gaza sea water

The results of the examination carried out by the Gaza municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Environmental Quality Authority in the sector, showed that there was a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and quality of the water of the city's seashore after the forced discontinuation of wastewater pumping to the seashore.

In a statement, the municipality said that samples were taken from different areas of the Bahr al-Madinah beach in late April and examined in the Public Health Laboratory of the Ministry of Health. The results showed this improvement in most areas of Bahr al-Madani, according to Palestinian specifications and standards.

She indicated that she conducts checks periodically on the waters of the seashore to ensure its quality and health and that there are no pollutants in it and inform the citizens of the results that the tests show.


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