Gaza: Workers sector losses exceeded 50 million dollars

Sami Al-Amsi, head of the General Federation of Trade Unions in the Gaza Strip, revealed that the losses of workers affected by the Corona pandemic in Gaza exceeded 50 million dollars, due to their unemployment since last March.

This came during an international symposium entitled "The situation of Palestinian workers in the shadow of the Corona pandemic" organized by the National Labor Union in Morocco, in coordination with the International Committee for the Defense of Trade Union and Palestinian Professionals and with the International Gathering of Palestinian Institutions and Professional Associations, broadcast via the "Al-Jazeera" channel directly.

Al-Amsi reviewed the conditions of workers in Gaza and what they suffer as a result of the Israeli blockade 14 years ago, noting that the Corona pandemic has compounded the difficult conditions of workers and increased unemployment among them.

And that about 2000 workers in kindergartens were affected by the pandemic, while workers in the sectors of tourism, restaurants and major markets were affected, and the work of the "daily" who were "stranded" and about 15 thousand drivers, bringing the number of workers affected by the pandemic to 140 thousand in Gaza.


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