Choking injuries as a result of clashes in Kafr Qaddum

 Several worshippers in the village of Kafr Kadum, east of Qalqilya, were suffocated Friday after clashes broke out in the village after noon prayers and israeli soldiers suppressed the weekly march.
Local sources confirmed that the Israeli army stormed the village while worshippers were inside the mosque on the first Friday after being interrupted for more than eighty days due to the Korna pandemic, and soldiers fired live bullets in the vicinity of omar bin al-Khattab mosque and gas canisters at worshippers before the start of the weekly march demanding the opening of the main entrance, which has been closed since 2003, resulting in mass suffocation among the worshippers.
Mourad Shteiwi, coordinator of the weekly march, said: " More than 25 water tanks were targeted on rooftops," he said, adding that some of the tanks were targeted for the seventh time in retaliation for residents helping young people by directing them from the roofs of their homes to the whereabouts of israeli soldiers and ambushes set up to arrest the marchers."
Shtewi added: " The March of Kafr Kaddoum began with the policy of annexing the Territories and the rest of the Palestinian territories and that it will not raise the white flag in front of the occupation."

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