Gaza´s breaking siege announces the launch of the 10th Marine path tomorrow

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The national movement to break the siege on Sunday announced the launch of the 10th maritime route on Monday in the area of the oasis in the northwest of the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman said at a press conference in the Gaza port that the path is part of a renewed naval demonstration, where the path is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. and includes dozens of boats carrying the victims of the blockade.

He said the sea route is backed by a road movement north of the Oasis area northwest of the sector, calling on the masses of our people to participate and rally.

For some three months, the national movement has launched several cruises to the outside world and the northern border of the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to break the naval blockade of the area, but the occupation is disrupting it and arresting those on board.


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