Warnings of the occupation´s attempt to sow chaos and security chaos in preparation for the annexation

 Palestinian figures warned today, Thursday, of the Israeli occupation's attempts to sow chaos and security chaos, and to spread false news aimed at striking civil peace, noting that this comes in the context of preparing the occupation to annex the Palestinian territories in full.

Dr. said. Atef Abu Saif, Minister of Culture, a member of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah movement, in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine Radio: "The occupation spread false news, and spread sedition among our people is an expression of the shock of the occupation government from the bold and courageous decisions announced by President Mahmoud Abbas recently, that Palestine and the PLO are in a solution of all agreements and understandings with Israel. "

Abu Saif added: "The occupation government is trying to violate Palestinian legitimacy and strike civil peace by spreading these temptations and false news through fake personalities on social media."

Abu Saif called for the formation of a united Arab front from the Arab media and concerted efforts to confront the plans of the occupation government and its media, which are targeting the civil peace to strike the national project and the Palestinian leadership.

In turn, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, Sabri Saidam, stressed in a radio interview that what is required of all our people and national forces is to be careful, careful and vigilant because it is the first weapon to filter rumors and spread temptations and false news on social media sites by the occupation and its tools to not be drawn behind Israel's plan to strike the peace Al-Ahly.

Said said: "The spread of poisons, the spread of rumors, sedition and impersonation of personalities, this is a settled issue by the occupation," stressing the necessity of commitment to armament, will and determination to confront occupation plans and permanent verification of the source of the news on social media sites, and refused to deal with it and go to official sources.

He added: "The attack by the occupation authorities via social media is unprecedented, and it will intensify in the future to strike the civil peace, frustrate the morale of our people, and fabricate false historical accounts."

The Director General of the Popular Action Department at the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, Abdullah Abu Rahma, warned of the occupation’s attempts to sow chaos and lawlessness to achieve its goal of regaining full control and annexation of Palestinian lands.

Abu Rahma said: "The occupation is stepping up its attacks on many villages and towns in an attempt to pressure the national authority to restore security coordination, and uses all methods and means, and continues its violations of demolition, land confiscation and creates strife and rumors, to implement the annexation scheme."

Abu Rahma stressed the "importance of awareness and awareness of our people and not being drawn into those who are being used by the occupation to stir discord and spread rumors and dedicate efforts to address its attempts to undermine civil peace and insecurity."

For his part, Captain of Journalists Nasser Abu Bakr, in radio statements, warned against the occupation media and from the Israeli cyber room that manages the electronic media in a targeted and systematic way, to sow discord and rumors and harm the national and social fabric of our people by spreading false news and rumors through the media and social media to divert his attention towards The biggest issue in his confrontation with the occupation is his preoccupation with his internal problems.

Abu Bakr called on the Palestinian, Arab and international media to exercise caution and extreme accuracy before publishing any news or information and the need to verify its authenticity and its source.

As for the Secretary-General of the Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions, Shaher Saad, he stressed in statements to the official voice of Palestine that "we are a people who are not remunerated or beggar and who have the right to live in dignity, justice and social protection", stressing his rejection of attempts by the occupation government to undermine the role of the PNA.

Saad added: "The workers sector is aware of the occupation government 's actions to broadcast rumors, lies and confusion in their ranks by announcing that they are prohibited from working within the Green Line to incite the National Authority through social media sites such as the coordinator's Facebook page."

Saad stressed that this systematic incitement to the National Authority by the extremist occupation government with the support of the American administration and to stir up strife and problems is to implement its plan of annexation and the imposition of sovereignty over the Palestinian territories.

The President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Omar Hashem confirmed in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio, the union rejected any attempts by the occupation government through which it seeks to provide so-called "facilities" away from official channels, considering this an attempt to split the Palestinian ranks.

Hashem stressed his support and union for the Palestinian political position in the breakdown of the agreements signed with Israel and the United States of America taken by the Palestinian leadership.

In turn, the executive director of the Palestinian Farmers' Associations, Abbas Melhem, said in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio, "The occupation government and its arms will not find a single Palestinian farmer who accepts to be dealt with directly, which aims by the occupation to gradually gibble the powers of the National Authority to end its justification." And complete the implementation of its settlement plans by annexing parts of the West Bank. "

Melhem added: "Our Palestinian people are aware of all these plans, from sowing discord and rumors and undermining the role of the National Authority, with the aim of completely eliminating the Palestinian dream of establishing an independent Palestinian state."

For its part, the forces and factions will hold a meeting at eleven in the morning at the headquarters of the Fatah movement in Nablus to discuss the aggressions of the occupation and its attempts to sow discord and sow chaos in order to strike the civil peace.

In an interview with the official Voice of Palestine, the coordinator of forces and national factions in Nablus, Nasr Abu Jaish, said, "The meeting will produce an important statement on the steps to be taken to address the aggressions of the occupation and organize activities and activities that support and support the leadership's move to thwart the Israeli annexation scheme."


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