"Disney" and "CBS" sued them for covering up sexual harassment in the workplace

California filed a lawsuit against Disney and CBS for covering 14 years of sexual harassment of male crew members who participated in the TV series "Criminals Minds", Officials also announced.

A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles alleging that Gregory St. John's misuse of his position as a cinematographer to repeatedly seek out staff members, and retaliate against those who rejected his attempts.

St. Johns had sexually abused many of the men who were participating in the series as he "kissed or caressed their necks, shoulders, ears" in a pattern of "overt and repeated" behavior according to the lawsuit.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Fair Work and Housing said, "The lawsuit also claims that the executive production team was aware of this illegal behavior and condoned it, as it expelled more than ten men who resisted the harassment of St. John."

St. Johns was excluded from the show after Freity magazine published an article in 2018 detailing the allegations.

The California Department of Civil Rights, including harassment in the workplace, began its investigation in March last year, and is now seeking compensation for victims.

In addition to suing giant Disney studios, the lawsuit also named many of the producers as defendants.

Neither Disney nor CBS immediately replied to AFP calls for comment.

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