Shtayeh: Israel´s implementation of the annexation of our lands is a cliff of international law and a threat to regional security

 Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said: "Israel's annexation of parts of the West Bank and the imposition of sovereignty over the settlements is a shelf of international law and a threat to regional security."

This came during a meeting in his office in the city of Ramallah, today, Wednesday, the Arab ambassadors to Palestine, to inform them of political developments, and the leadership's decision to stop the agreements signed with the Israeli side.

The Prime Minister stressed the seriousness of President Mahmoud Abbas and the leadership in taking the decision to stop the agreements with Israel, saying: "We have translated this on the ground by stopping coordination at all levels with the Israeli side, and Israel has initiated several measures in response to our decision and is trying hard to undermine and incite the work of the Authority."

Shtayyeh praised the international and Arab stance rejecting the Israeli annexation project, while calling on the world to take a more serious stand to prevent Israel from implementing its annexation decision.

For their part, the Arab ambassadors, through the Moroccan ambassador to Palestine, the dean of the diplomatic corps, Mohamed Hamzawy, confirmed the illegitimacy of the Israeli plans and procedures that they use to annex the Jordan Valley and impose sovereignty over the settlements, in addition to their procedures in Jerusalem and Hebron.

Hamzawy added: "Israel's annexation of the Jordan Valley constitutes a violation of international law, legality, and the Charter of the United Nations, and if it is not dealt with it will lead to the destruction of the two-state solution and stability in the region."


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