250 artists worldwide urge the lifting of the blockade of Gaza

 urged more than 250 artists around the world in an opinion article to put an end to the "blockade" imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip, in light of the current Covid 19 crisis to avoid the spread of a pandemic "may be devastating in the largest open prison in the world".
Among the signatories of this appeal, which was published on " https://liftthesiege.com/fr ", is British musician Peter Gabriel, "Massif Attak", Canadian writer Naomi Klein, British director Ken Loach, actor Figo Mortenson and poet Taha Adnan.
"Long before the global Covid-19 pandemic threatened to strangle the health system in the already dilapidated Gaza Strip, the United Nations predicted that life would be unbearable in the blockade, in 2020. With the pandemic, Gaza's population of about two million, the majority of whom are refugees, is facing A fatal threat in the largest open prison in the world. "
The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli siege 13 years ago, after the Hamas takeover. Since then, the Gaza Strip has witnessed three wars between Hamas and the Jewish state.
Artists wrote, "Before the current (health) crisis came, Gaza hospitals had reached their maximum capacity due to a shortage of essential resources that are not allowed to enter due to the blockade imposed by Israel," considering that "the first recorded injuries in the densely populated Gaza Strip are very worrying."
They added that the blockade "impedes the transportation of medical supplies, crews and basic humanitarian assistance. It is necessary to exert urgent international pressure to make life in Gaza livable with dignity. The Israeli blockade must be lifted ... and a pandemic that could be devastated be avoided."
The United Nations reports that the Gaza Strip is one of the poorest regions in the Middle East, with about 80% of its population dependent on aid.
"What is happening in Gaza is a test of the conscience of humanity," the signers said. "We support Amnesty International's call to all governments to impose a military ban on Israel so that it fully respects their obligations under international law."

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