204 Martyrs Since the start of the return marches in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Since the start of the return marches and the siege in the Gaza Strip, 204 martyrs have been killed, including more than 30 children and two women, by Israeli occupation snipers along the fence east of the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, seven Palestinians were martyred, including two children, while more than 500 others were injured, including bullets and gas from the occupation.

Since the last 30 March, Palestinians have been participating in peaceful marches, near the Gaza-occupied Palestinian territories fence in 1948, demanding the return of refugees to their towns and villages, from which they were abandoned in 1948 and breaking the siege of Gaza.

The occupation authorities are holding the bodies of 10 martyrs and have not been registered in the statements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, while another 22,000 have been injured, including 400 in high-risk situations.


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