Occupation arrests 8 citizens at dawn Thursday

The occupation army carried out a massive arrest campaign at dawn today, Thursday, in the areas of Yabid in Jenin and Shweikeh in Tulkarm, Jerusalem and Hebron.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested Khaled Asfour and his brother Mu'tasim from the town of Ya`bad, knowing that their father, Ribhi, had been detained for two days under the pretext of throwing a stone on the roof of the three-story house, which led to the killing of an Israeli soldier.

The occupation also arrested one of the worshipers of dawn today, Alaa Subhi Abu Bakr, and Thaer Amarneh Al-Kahlah, who had spent 10 years in detention, as they passed by a military checkpoint at the Urabah Junction, south of Jenin.

In the Shweikeh neighborhood in Tulkarm, the occupation forces arrested Badr Yahya Areed (15 years old).

And in the town of Issawiya, east of Jerusalem, the occupation arrested the young man, Mansour Mahmoud, and another young man from the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood.

Local sources in Hebron reported the arrest of the lawyer, the director of the land settlement, Nazih Ali Hussein Hanash.


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