Prisoners of Palestine: 56 cases of detention during two days, the majority of which are from Jenin

The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies confirmed that the occupation authorities have clearly increased their arrests during the past two days, as they affected more than 56 citizens, most of them from his country of worship, southwest of Jenin.

The prisoners of Palestine said in a statement today, Wednesday, that the occupation authorities carried out a massive campaign of arrests in his country worshiping after the occupation soldier was killed as a result of the fall of a large stone on his head during the storming of the town yesterday, and after that large forces stormed the occupation army far and arrested dozens of residents from Among them are women and children.

The Palestinian Prisoners indicated that the occupation arrested 3 women who worshiped a girl, including a minor. Iman Abu Bakr (16 years) and her mother Suhaila Abu Bakr with her husband Nazmi Abu Bakr, as well as Mrs. Nujood Abu Bakr with her husband Ribhi Muhammad Abu Bakr and her three children, and released them late last night after the investigation for hours.

He added, "Prisoners of Palestine," that the occupation also carried out a massive campaign of arrests in his country, Sloan, in Jerusalem, targeting 15 citizens, including children, and transferred them to the "Al-Maskoubiyya" investigation center, where they released some of them and extended the detention of others to complete their investigation.

Riyad Al-Ashqar, the center’s media spokesman, said that the occupation uses extended detentions to implement a policy of deterrence and collective punishment against the Palestinians, to prevent them from resisting the occupation and raising the bill to confront its plans and crimes.

Al-Ashqar said: The continuation of the arrests constitutes a threat to the lives of the detainees in light of the spread of its pandemic Corona, holding the occupation authorities fully responsible for the detainees' fate and their safety.


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