"Hearts ": The army prepares for near aggression and "short" on Gaza

Gaza _ Agencies

The occupation army estimates that there is a high probability of a military confrontation and escalation, albeit limited, in the Gaza Strip, in the absence of progress on the Palestinian reconciliation dossier, and that the outbreak of military confrontation with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, "is not a matter of time," according to the newspaper "Ha'aretz ", this morning Friday.

The newspaper pointed out that the warnings of the occupation army of an imminent escalation in the besieged sector, issued on the basis of military estimates, does not reflect a new position of the security establishment, where the statements issued by military officials, foremost chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot, that the chances of escalation in the Gaza Strip Greater chances of reaching a calming agreement.

It noted that Israeli estimates had been reinforced by the recent monitoring by the Israeli occupation of the Hamas movement, which indicated that it was seeking to manage near-daily confrontations with the Israeli occupation, on weekdays, and not only on Fridays when Palestinians crowded near The separation security fence to participate in the events of the return marches, through the creation of new units such as the "Night Confusion unit" and  "the unit of Kawchuk " and  "maritime movement " organized by the higher authority for the march of return and break the siege, in addition to the organization of the Hamas movement for exercises in the home front Of the population of the Gaza Strip simulates the situation of war with Israel and intensified the training of its combatant elements.

Israeli estimates indicate two major factors that may push towards a possible military escalation in Gaza, the first of which is the failure of internal Palestinian reconciliation, and the second most serious factor is the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The Israeli estimate considers that the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, is pushing Hamas towards a confrontation with Israel, in the absence of a solution to the thorny files in the reconciliation agreement, foremost of which is the "legitimacy of the Resistance weapon", and the return of Fatah officials to the public positions they held before Hamas took control of the sector. The Hamas government handed over the Palestinian Authority to the public lands and applied the Palestinian law in force in the occupied West Bank, according to the report.

The site "Ha'aretz" repeated previous warnings, that if no alternative funding is provided for "UNRWA ", the military confrontation will be inevitable and unavoidable, and that needy assistance, and students whose studies will be disrupted, will try to infiltrate Israel, knowing that, according to the occupation, these are not They take part in marches organized by the Hamas movement, but if the sector collapses, they will try to find a way out of the crisis in Israel. Thus, the attempt by the occupying army to prevent large numbers of Gazans from reaching Israel would mean a widespread shooting that would place the occupying Power in an intolerable international situation, especially since, even in the event of military confrontation, the occupying Power would have to introduce foodstuffs into the sector.


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