Two youths were wounded by the Israeli occupation forces in Ya`bad, during a third storm in the town

Two young men were wounded by israeli troops during clashes that broke out in the town of Ya'abd during a third consecutive incursion on Tuesday evening.
"The israeli army has not been able to control the area," he said.
The israeli army has been fighting the israeli occupation forces for several days, but the israeli army has not yet decided to hand over the bodies of the two men.
Our correspondent said that more than 40 Israeli military patrols, which broke into the town after iftar, closed the entrances to Ya'abd, and surrounded the area where the soldier was killed early Tuesday.
According to eyewitnesses, israeli soldiers searched the houses in that area, occupied a number of them, detained residents inside and turned them into military checkpoints, while the occupying forces surrounded the building of the Family of Asfour Attia, who was arrested along with 10 members of his family, including three women.

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