Gaza: The call for a popular uprising to resist to confront the policy of annexation

National and Islamic forces in the Gaza Strip called today, Tuesday, for the need to find the political cover for a popular uprising and multifaceted resistance that raises the cost of occupation, in the face of the annexation policy sought by the Israeli government with American support.

Talal Abu Zarifa, a leader in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, speaking on behalf of the forces, said during a popular conference rejecting the Israeli policy of annexation, that the policy of waiting and betting on the possibility of returning to the existing negotiations under various pretexts is no longer useful, and an alternative policy must be able to bring out the national situation Palestinian women from hibernation to confronting this project, aggression and war on Palestinian rights.

He considered the insistence of the Israeli government and the American administration to implement practical steps to annex lands from the West Bank as a flagrant violation of the principles of international law and international legitimacy resolutions, and constitute an appeal against legal decisions and attempts to replace them politically and legally with the deal of the century.

Abu Zarifa said, "As Palestinians, we must take these facts, which are submitted daily by the Occupying Power, as facts that consolidate the steps aimed at the final annexation of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the West Bank."

He called for the necessity of de-legitimizing the occupation by withdrawing recognition of the occupation state unless it recognized the state of Palestine, and that security coordination be stopped even if this led to the closure of the crossings and the severing of the ties of the provinces.

He added, "Our people, as they were creative in the face of the Corona pandemic, are capable of facing these Israeli incidents."

He also called for the necessity to break down from the dependency on the Israeli economy and stop dealing with it, calling on President Mahmoud Abbas to issue a decree in the form of a law that criminalizes anyone who deals with the Israeli economy.

He called for the need to stop dealing with the civil administration, calling on President Abbas that the Palestinian Authority be a "national authority that constitutes a tool for a Palestinian national liberation episode capable of mobilizing all energies to confront the occupation."

A spokesman for the Palestinian forces denounced what the Civil Administration had done through the Israeli military ruler to influence banks against the prisoners and their families, warning against the consequences of dealing with these decisions because it would stigmatize the Palestinian struggle with "terrorism."

He called on the Palestinian leadership to move all files in international crimes and hold the occupation accountable, praising the criminal prosecution’s actions, considering that the Palestinian territories are part of the geographical jurisdiction that the court can try through its occupation leaders ’authority.

He praised the killing that took place in Jenin today of an Israeli soldier during the detention operations carried out by the occupation forces, considering that it was a struggle leverage capable of repelling aggression, occupation, crime and facing the policy of annexation.

He said that this policy, which was previously mentioned, is capable of ending division, restoring unity and partnership and implementing the decisions of the National and Central Council, and it is able to form an offensive policy as an alternative to the policy of waiting and selling delusions to our people. The annexation is considered a violation of international law. "


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