After their house was demolished. The parents of the prisoner Kassam Barghouti plant a seedling "cactus" in his vicinity

 the parents of the captive, Qassam Al-Barghouthi, who demolished the occupation at dawn today, Monday, their house in the village of Kober, north of Ramallah, a seedling of "cactus" planted by Qassam around the house.

The mother of the captive, a lecturer at Birzeit University and Widad Al-Barghouthi, told Palestine TV that the occupation derives its strength from its faults and strengthens its mechanisms and the forces of injustice in the world.

She added, "All these forces exercised by the occupation, all its power, its state, its army, its mechanisms, and everyone who supports it in the world, and all the houses that were destroyed by the occupation and which he intends to demolish for me as a mother, are not equal to one shoe of Qassam and one shoe of Palestinian youth, Palestinian citizens, Palestinian guerrillas, martyrs and prisoners."

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces arrested Qassam Al-Barghouthi on 26/8/2019, after besieging and raiding his family's house in Koper and subjected to a harsh investigation, and charged him with participating in the "Ain Boubin" operation that took place last August and resulted in the killing of a settlement and the injury of two others.


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