"World Health": "Corona" will enter Gaza inevitably, and manifestations of underestimation are dangerous

d. Abdel Nasser Sobh, director of the office of the World Health Organization in Gaza, that the Corona virus is inevitably coming to the Gaza Strip, expressing his organization's deep concern about the appearances of some citizens underestimating the preventive measures, especially in the places of gatherings and markets in the Gaza Strip.

Sobh said in statements, Wednesday: "We do not see any justification for such behavior (underestimation and disdain) that will lead to a large spread of the virus in the Gaza Strip in a short period of time, and will lead to infection of many cases of citizens if the virus spreads because it is greater than the capabilities of the Ministry of Health In the Gaza Strip. "

He called on the citizens of the Gaza Strip to take more safety and prevention measures, to adhere to the instructions of the Ministry of Preventive Health and not underestimate them, and to stay away from gathering places and maintain physical distance during the next two months.

Sobh explained that one of the most prominent reasons for the non-proliferation of the Corona virus during the past days in the Gaza Strip is the awareness of the people of the Gaza Strip and their practice of preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Health, without saying: "But unfortunately we have seen during the past two weeks underestimating health and preventive measures and a break in physical distance in Markets, malls, and huge crowds among the citizens in these places, and this is dangerous. "

He praised the measures taken by the Ministry of Health in Gaza inside the quarantine centers or the measures that they take in hospitals and centers in terms of sorting cases and examining all suspected cases from expatriates, in addition to educating people and guiding them to take safety measures, pointing out that this would have strengthened and prevented the spread of the Corona virus And fortify Gaza.

Sobh pointed out that "what we hope is to buy some time in order to be more ready to face the Corona virus, hoping that time will contribute to discovering the appropriate vaccine."

He pointed out that the World Health Organization and the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza hold periodic meetings within the framework of the Consultative Committee to Face the Corona Virus to discuss many issues, the most recent of which was where we are heading in the Gaza Strip, and the extent to which the Ministry of Health has achieved its goals through the preventive measures it has taken to confront the virus .

The director of the World Health Office in Gaza reiterated his request to citizens to adhere to safety and prevention measures and to comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Preventive Health, and not to underestimate them and to stay away from gathering places and maintain physical distance during the next two months.


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