Prisoners Authority in Gaza: The occupation escalates its violations against prisoners during the month of Ramadan

The Prisoners and Editors Authority in Gaza affirmed that the occupation is intentionally restricting and denouncing the prisoners during this month through several arbitrary measures, including carrying out incursions and continuous searches, under the pretext of security checks for prohibited purposes and cell phones. It prevents them from practicing religious rites collectively with the rest of the prisoners.

The authority said in a statement: "The prisoners present a list of their needs of dates, vegetables and fruits three months before the advent of the month of Ramadan, but they do not reach them until days after the start of the month of Ramadan in a deliberate step by the Prison Authority Administration, where it sometimes comes on the tenth of Ramadan and sometimes after that.

She added that the suffering of the sick prisoners increases during the month of Ramadan, as the Prison Administration requires the prisoner to go to treatment and perform the operation he wants in a provocative step until the prisoner refuses and records that he refused after signing this.

The commission explained that the reason the sick prisoners refuse to perform operations in Ramadan is because of the harsh procedures, the fatigue of fasting and transportation by the medium, which is more severe than the prison itself, where the sick prisoner is forced to go out handcuffed and spend most of his day on the road, which causes the prisoners to refuse to do so.

She pointed out that after the prisoners refuse to conduct the operations and the Red Cross complains to the occupation, he is presented with papers that the captive refused to conduct the operation, and this matter is repeated every month of Ramadan, which increases their suffering.

The commission continued that the month of Ramadan comes and brings with it the painful feeling of prisoners deprived from all walks of life and their minimum rights, as it is the month in which the entire family gathers during breakfast, whereby the prisoner wants to be near his family and his family and loved ones, especially since his distance from them worries the family and makes their days incomplete With joy, sadness will be decreed on their faces, and that the state of pain experienced by all the deprived prisoners in the occupation prisons, as a result of remoteness and deprivation, will increase in frequency with the entry of this blessed month.


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