The European Union contributes 38 million euros to support the payment of April salaries

The European Union on Tuesday provided 38 million euros to contribute to April's salaries and pensions for 43,000 Palestinian civil servants in the West Bank.

The European Union said in a statement that this support will enable the Palestinian Authority to fulfill its obligations towards Palestinian civil servants despite the difficult financial situation resulting from the Covid 19 crisis.

The contribution, which amounts to 38 million euros, is funded by the European Union, and it targets civil servants, most of whom work in the social sectors of health and education, as well as retirees in the West Bank, the statement added.

"These are difficult times and we are facing together the impact of the pandemic Covid-19. We have been involved since the first day with the Palestinian government in developing and re-adjusting our support to better serve the Palestinian people in the midst of this crisis. This amount (38 million euros) It is part of a 71 million-euro aid package that we announced a few weeks ago to respond to the Corona Virus pandemic in Palestine. "

He continued: "Our contribution today in paying salaries and pensions to Palestinian civil servants is further evidence of our political will and our commitment, and proof of our rapid movement to fulfill our pledges, and the approach of the European team with the participation of all member states, assures our partners that we are still flexible and committed to our support throughout the world, Here in Palestine, this European Union support is accompanied by technical assistance aimed at improving the effectiveness of public policies and transparency of public spending. "


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