Al-Khodri: The number of Palestinian workers unemployed is rising dramatically

Representative Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the People's Committee to Face the Siege, called on the international community today to work on establishing a special fund to support and support Palestinian workers.

Al-Khudari demanded in a press statement on the occasion of the International Workers Day, the necessity of compensating the Palestinian workers for the years of siege, aggression and the heavy losses inflicted upon them, and they are still increasing significantly and on a daily basis.

He said, "The workers are the backbone of the economy, the lever of any economic project, and the main driver of any development in this field."

He added, "The occupation confronts the workers of Palestine with the siege and closure of Gaza, and the prevention and prosecution, the wall and the restrictions in the West Bank and Jerusalem, which were not a major cause of the widespread unemployment in the Palestinian territories."

Al-Khudari pointed out that the number of unemployed workers rises dramatically, and reached 350 thousand workers, while the number increased in the West Bank due to the occupation attacks, and due to the measures to prevent Corona virus.

He pointed out that the Corona pandemic affected Palestine in a healthy and economic way, and on all productive sectors that already suffer from the blockade, settlements, barriers and the wall.

The head of the People's Committee of the Siege said, "The economic reality in the Palestinian territories is difficult and generally deteriorating, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, as there is almost paralysis in commercial and economic life."

Al-Khudari mentioned the importance of the workers and their role in building and developing, and the distinguished efforts and work they have provided over the years that contributed to enhancing the resilience of the Palestinian people.

He said, "We have the skilled and distinguished workers who are able to overcome the obstacles, so it is necessary to work to completely lift the siege on Gaza and stop all measures of occupation in the West Bank and Jerusalem, from settlement to annexation and Judaization."


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