The chief physician at the White House: Ramesdivir has shown a "clear" effect in treating Corona patients

Dr. Anthony Fuchi, an epidemiologist and advisor to US President Donald Trump, announced on Wednesday that the anti-viral drug, Ramsdevir, had shown a "clear" effect in treating the emerging corona virus.

From the White House, he said, "The data show that Ramsdevir has had a clear, important and positive effect in reducing the recovery period" of the emerging coronavirus patients.

The expert added that this proves "that a drug can fight the virus."

A clinical study of this drug was carried out in cooperation between the American Institutes of Health and the American Gilead Laboratory.

But another study, conducted in China and published on Wednesday, reported that the drug did not give important benefits in treating Covid-19 patients, and Dr. Fuchi considered it "not an appropriate study."


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