Israel is trying to prevent the International Criminal Prosecutor from taking a decision to investigate her crimes

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is expected to announce soon that it will have powers to examine cases related to the occupied territories, which will enable investigations of crimes committed by Israel.

The 7th Hebrew Channel, the mouthpiece of the religious nationalists in Israel, stated that the Prosecutor's decision is subject to the reports presented to the court, most of which - according to the channel's claim - come from organizations that support "terrorism".

Official Israel decided to boycott the International Court, but it exerted pressure on its member states, such as Germany, to present anti-attitudes, and these countries submitted an opinion saying that there are no powers of the court to discuss Israeli crimes.

The Israeli Research Center "MASBAR" under the management of Iti Rubin and three other organizations presented an opinion to the International Court stating that there are no powers available to the court, under the pretext that "the court examines conflicts between states and there is no Palestinian state, and that the court was established to discuss specific cases related to individuals who committed crimes War and complaints lodged against Israel (settlement building) and (killed by a large number of Gazans), and even if these were war crimes, the court was not formed to discuss these issues.

Reuben is worried about what he calls the International Court’s exploitation of attacking Israel, as happened at the United Nations.


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