Gaza: No new injuries and successes to the National Health Education Committee vis-a-vis Corona

 The Gaza Ministry of Health announced today, Wednesday, that it examined 20 new samples during the past 24 hours for suspected cases of the emerging coronavirus, and all its results were negative (not infected).

The ministry indicated in its daily report, that the number of injuries is still stopped at 17 cases, 10 of which recovered, 9 of whom left quarantine and one case remained, noting that there are 7 cases of infection being monitored by the competent authorities in the isolation hospital at the Rafah crossing.

She pointed out that since the middle of last month, the number of samples reached 4,571, and that 1946 inmates are still in 26 quarantine centers receiving complete care and no symptoms were shown on them.

She added: We have taken a new mechanism to deal with arrivals through the crossings so that the PCR examination is done for all inmates on the fourth day of the date of the quarantine, and on the twentieth day before departure. Health indicated that workers and health cadres in hospitals, primary care and ambulance centers were trained to prepare and be ready to face the virus and proper scientific and practical dealing with suspected cases as well as safe methods of transportation and sterilization according to approved evidence and procedures.

In a related development, the Ministry of Health in Gaza affirmed in a press statement to continue its efforts to achieve health awareness for the community, through the formation of a national committee for health education to confront the Corona pandemic (COFED 19) in partnership with the various ministries and institutions that seek within the various activities and programs to achieve the mission of the Ministry of Health in promoting Community preventive measures and coordinate joint efforts in the field of health education.

And Dr. Medhat Abbas, Director General of Primary Health Care in Gaza, the importance of the role of health education in facing the Corona virus and the need to coordinate efforts between the Ministry of Health and ministries and private institutions with an interest in the field of health education, with the importance of focusing on operational procedures and promoting positive behaviors to protect society from the Corona virus within a concept Community health promotion.

He explained that the Ministry of Health in Gaza implemented many awareness and educational meetings to prevent corona virus inside health centers, mosques, governmental and youth institutions, and covered all governorates of Gaza, and targeted about (78) thousand citizens.

Abbas reviewed the plans and procedures of the Ministry of Health in the face of the Corona virus, stressing the depth of the efforts made to educate all groups of society in various regions through the distribution of awareness leaflets and educational posters, and the implementation of many media meetings through local radio stations to educate citizens about this virus.

He pointed to the importance of unifying information sources about the evolution of the epidemiological situation of the virus through the official websites of the Centers for Disease Control and the WHO site, pointing to the need to activate social media platforms and visual and audio means through clear health messages aimed at spreading awareness among citizens.

He stressed the need to intensify awareness-raising and extension campaigns to enhance health awareness and ways to prevent corona virus, stressing the importance of coordination and partnership between governmental and non-governmental health institutions, defining the role of each ministry in the field of health education, unifying awareness efforts, and raising the level of awareness among citizens.


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