The occupation discriminates against women prisoners

The contact of the female prisoners and the captive children with their families was part of an achievement made by the captive movement last April, and the prison administration delayed responding to this achievement.

The family of the captive, Enas Asafra, who is the mother of two children and the wife of the captive, Qasim Asafra, indicated that the occupation intelligence refuses to allow the captives, Enas Asafra, Mays Abu Ghosh and Khaleda Jarrar to contact their families, despite the rest of the captives being allowed to communicate during the last period, after human rights pressures have taken place on the occupation, in Prisoners ’families visits and lawyers continued to stop as the epidemic spread.

The captive father, Mays Abu Ghosh, commented: "The homeland is dear, the forehead is high, and your voice is in our hearts, minds and souls."

In turn, lawyer Hossam Aghbarieh, from the Palestinian interior, said: "The prison administration exercises a tight security grip on the prisoners, and it always tries to withdraw the achievements that are continuously achieved by the captive movement to return to square one and to keep the movement busy with demands previously achieved."

The prisoner, writer and writer Walid Al-Hodali says: "The Prison Administration does not adhere to the conditions agreed upon with it, and always keeps the case on half-solutions, until the biography movement is confused and deprived of registering any victory over the prison, so this is expected by the Prison Administration, which receives directions from The political level in the occupation state and the Ministry of Internal Security directly. "

It is noteworthy that the occupation arrests about forty prisoners in Damoon prison, whose health conditions do not match the conditions of human life.


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