Occupation seizes a plot of land in Qalqilya for military purposes

Qalqilya _ Palestine News Network

The occupation authorities issued a decision to confiscate a plot of land east of the village of Jit south near Qalqilya, 2,500 meters for military purposes, off the junction leading to the bypass road leading to the Yitzhar settlement.

The decision to hand over this piece was made in order to achieve the security goals, according to the resolution.

Local sources reported to Jerusalem that Civil administration officers had made a field tour to enforce the confiscation decision on the ground, so that the farmers would not approach the place where the confiscated piece was located on a hill overlooking the road between Qalqilya and Nablus.

It is indicated that the village of Jett suffers from the nearby village of Gilad Outpost, where many settlers conduct aggressive behaviour inside the village and there are demolition decisions for more than a dozen houses in the village on the pretext of lack of authorization.


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