Al-Kailah: 11 cases of "Corona" were reported in Yatta, the Shuafat camp, and the outskirts of Al-Salam in Jerusalem

 Minister of Health Mai Al-Keela announced, today, Saturday, that the number of people infected with Coronavirus in Palestine has increased to 495, after 11 new cases were recorded.

"The new infections, two of them in Yatta, Hebron, are the wife of an injured nurse working in Al Mutlaa Hospital in Jerusalem and his child (6 years old), and 9 cases from Shuafat camp and Dahiyat Al Salam in North Jerusalem," Alkila said during the press briefing on developments in the Corona virus.

On the other hand, Al-Kaleh said: "A new setback for a recovered patient has been recorded in Hugo Chavez Hospital in Turmusaya, bringing the number of relapse cases to 18, or 3.6% of the total injuries, which is less than the world average of 14%."

Al-Keelah pointed out that two recoveries were recorded at Hoguchavis Hospital in Turmusaya and the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah, bringing the number of recovery cases to 105.

To that, Al Kila said: "We have 386 active cases that are still infected, of which 128 are in the West Bank and 7 cases in the Gaza Strip, and in Jerusalem alone there are 251 cases, of which 129 are in the city of Jerusalem inside the wall, and the Jerusalem suburbs are 122 governorate of Jerusalem, where they form a governorate Jerusalem 60% of cases are in Palestine.

Meanwhile, Al-Kila said: "The injuries according to the age distribution were 0-9 years 7.6% of cases, 10-19 years 11.7%, 20-59 years 72.9%, 60-69 years 7%, and greater than 70 years 0.8% .

Al-Kila pointed out that the number of the injured medical staff reached nine injuries, or 2.6% of the total injuries, while those who were in contact with the medical staff reached 1.2%, and the percentage of injuries between workers and their contacts reached 74%, as the percentage of workers and their contacts decreased and other groups increased.

According to Kaileh, the total number of corona tests in Palestine has reached 28,500 since the beginning of the virus, the number of people in the home quarantine supervised by the Ministry of Health is 13046, the cases that have ended quarantine 34328 cases, and the number of cases in isolation and treatment centers of the Ministry of Health 253 cases, while Cases in inpatient or home stone hospitals inside the Apartheid Wall are 132.

Kila touched on the issue of the prisoner from Ramallah, who was found infected with the virus two days after his arrest, where she explained that the prisoner is still in the prisons of the occupation isolated, and the examination was conducted for his family, and the result was found to be negative, that is, uninfected, but the family is subject to the house quarantine for 14 days .

On the other hand, Al-Kila revealed that the Ministry of Health crews are conducting a survey of the epidemic on citizens who are in direct contact with the settlers ’passing places.

And she continued: "We are seeking to conduct 5,000 smears, and when it is completed after two days, we will announce its results."


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