Corona revealed the reality .. German food industry experts bemoaned

The Federation of Food and Beverage Industries in Germany stated that the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus revealed the weakness of cooking skills in Germany.

"We have known for years that the efficiency of cooking has decreased dramatically in Germany," Christoph Meinhof, director general of the federation told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

This caused problems for many people, as restaurants closed their doors in line with social divergence procedures, Mienhof explained.

He continued: "People have been largely forced to rely on their cooking skills after what fast food restaurants, French fries, and nearby Italian restaurants have become are not an option. They are limited."

In a labor-intensive community, he added, many people used to eat pre-made meals from fast food restaurants, canteens and bakeries. “Now people stand in supermarkets and ask themselves,” Well, how do I prepare burgers myself? "


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