The latest developments in the spread of the emerging corona virus in the world

The latest developments related to the spread of the Corona virus, which has killed more than 190 thousand people in the world, come.

Millions of Muslims around the world began fasting Friday in the month of Ramadan, at the height of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, which deprives many believers of traditional family meetings and prayers in mosques, but a number of religious officials and believers in some countries reject isolation measures.

In the Middle East and North Africa, many countries closed mosques and banned night gatherings. Restrictions imposed by most countries require mosques to keep their doors closed, while breakfast, which usually takes place in a family and sometimes festive atmosphere, cannot be shared with the extended family or neighbors, due to the ban on gatherings.

In Bangladesh and Pakistan, worshipers refused to adhere to the recommendations, and thousands of Muslims attended Tarawih prayers Thursday evening in the largest mosque in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital. In Niger, the advent of Ramadan raises fears of violence.

European leaders have postponed preparing a plan to revive the economy in the face of the recession caused by the Covid-19 epidemic due to a lack of consensus. Its leaders decided to entrust the European Commission with preparing proposals from mid-May, postponing until later the solidarity efforts demanded by the southern countries, their counterparts in the north, in the face of the repercussions of the epidemic.

The US Congress approved Thursday evening a new plan worth 483 billion dollars to support the economy and hospitals and strengthen laboratory tests in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has today left nearly 50 thousand deaths, and caused the largest economy in the world catastrophic damage, not least the 26 million workers lost their jobs.

The French parliament finally approved, through a final vote in the Senate, after the National Assembly voted, the new budget to confront the crisis and an emergency plan worth 110 billion euros.

The new Corona virus has killed at least 190,989 people in the world since its appearance in December in China, about two-thirds of them in Europe, according to a census prepared by Agence France-Presse according to official sources Friday until 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic with 49,963 deaths, followed by Italy (25549), then Spain (22524), France (21856), and Britain (18738).

US President Donald Trump's remarks on Thursday about injecting the body with sterile materials to fight the emerging corona virus have stunned the scientific community, with a number of specialists accusing the US president of being irresponsible for putting forward this "dangerous" proposal.

"I see sterilizers eliminating it (the Corona virus) in a minute. One minute. Is there a way to do something similar with an internal injection (in the body?)," Trump said during the daily press conference on the pandemic at the White House on Thursday.

Dilipran (Paracetamol) sales increased by more than 20%.

A new research announced by a senior American official showed Thursday that sunlight is rapidly destroying the emerging corona virus, although the study has not been published yet and is still awaiting an independent evaluation.

Homeland Security Adviser to science and technology William Brian told reporters at the White House that government scientists have concluded that UV rays have a significant effect on the virus, adding to hope that the Covid-19 outbreak will decrease during the summer. "The most noticeable observation we have so far has to do with the seemingly strong ability of sunlight to kill the virus either on rooftops or in the air," he said.

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador suddenly closed its session on Thursday evening, after it was announced that a suspected Covid-19 injury was reported in the building which was quickly evacuated. Salvadoran President Najib Abu Kaila wrote on Twitter that "the El Salvador epidemic control team has revealed significant doubts about the existence of Covid-19 in the Blue Chamber of Parliament."

"We recommend that the session and the self-quarantine be closed to all deputies and employees during our work to ensure that injuries and the people around them are correct," he added.


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