Trump: China must bear the consequences if it is proven responsible for the "Corona" outbreak

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that China should bear the consequences if it is found to be intentionally responsible for the outbreak of the Corona virus.

"It could have been stopped (the epidemic) in China before it started, and this did not happen," he told a news conference in the White House, responding to a question if he proved the role of China in the emergence of the epidemic.

He continued his speech: "If they were intentionally responsible, of course. If that was a mistake, then the error is wrong. But if they are intentionally responsible, yes, then there must be consequences."

"Was it a mistake out of control, or was it deliberately executed? There is a big difference between the two things. Either way, they should have taught us," Trump asked.

"They said they were conducting an investigation. So let's see what happens in their investigation, but we are also investigating."

On internal affairs, Trump stressed that his country continues to receive positive indications that the Corona epidemic has reached its peak.

He noted that the death rate in the United States is low compared to that of Western European countries, with the exception of Germany.

The United States ranks first in the world with the number of injuries and deaths, with the number of injured approximately 739 thousand, and the deceased above 39 thousand, and those recovering more than 68 thousand.

As of Sunday afternoon, the number of Corona sufferers worldwide exceeded 2,359,000, of whom more than 161,000 died, while more than 606,000 recovered.


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