Abbas: We will not sign any final peace agreement without the release of all prisoners

President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday that no final peace agreement with Israel will be signed without the prisons of the Palestinian prisoners being whitewashed and all of them released.

"We will not sign any final peace agreement without the bleaching of Israeli prisons from our hero prisoners who are freedom fighters," Abbas said in a speech on the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoner Day, which falls on Friday.

Abbas added, that the issue of prisoners "will remain the first issue on our list of priorities, despite all the difficulties we face, to preserve the just rights of our people, which are not negotiable or neglected."

President Abbas, in his speech published by the official news agency, WAFA, called on the international community to intervene and pressure Israel to abide by international law and to save the lives of the prisoners, and to preserve their safety, in light of the spread of the Corona virus, which threatens all of humanity.

Addressing the prisoners, President Abbas said, "The concerns of your people are raised by your patience, steadfastness and faith in the justice of our cause." He stressed his refusal to give in to "any pressure exerted on us to abandon our heroic families and their families, and we will continue to provide everything necessary to provide a decent life for them."

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Palestinian Prisoners Club, the Prisoner Association for Prisoner Care and Human Rights and the Center for Defense of Freedoms and Civil Rights "Hurriyat", in a joint report today, stated that Israel is currently holding 5,000 prisoners.

The institutions indicated that out of the total prisoners 41 prisoners, 180 children and minors, approximately 430 administrative detainees, 13 journalists and 700 sick prisoners, of whom approximately 300 are chronic patients in need of continuous treatment.

On April 17, 1974, the Palestinian National Council approved, during its 12th session, which was held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, a national day for prisoners, known as the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner.

And it was announced in advance of the cancellation of popular events that take place annually by the way in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of the precautionary measures taken to confront the Corona virus.


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