Erekat: Britain, Japan and Norway affirmed the rejection of annexation and continued support to "UNRWA"

 Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO Dr. Saeb Erekat, held today, Wednesday, important talks with the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverley, the Norwegian envoy to the peace process, Tor Winsland, and the Japanese envoy to the peace process, Masahuru Kano. .

Erekat said that his interlocutors affirmed their countries' positions of absolute rejection of any annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories, and that achieving a just and comprehensive peace is not by imposing dictates and annexation, but only through negotiations and recognition of the rights recognized for the Palestinian people, in accordance with relevant international and international resolutions, legality and international law, and on the basis of The principle of a two-state solution on the borders of June 4, 1967.

These friendly parties also affirmed the support of the Palestinian government in its efforts to combat Corona, and the continued support of the UNRWA.


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