The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 445 injuries and 22 deaths among the Palestinian community in America

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that there is an increase in the number of injuries among the Palestinian community in the United States of America, and the number has reached 445 until now, after recording eight new injuries, while the number of deaths increased to 22, After recording the death of seventy.

Avi confirmed to her a statement: According to the Charity Association of the Holy Land in the state of New Jersey, the society made a donation of $ 25,000 to the Ministry of Health account, and the Palestinian Community Center in the state also paid a month's rent of apartment rent to three Palestinian students who had been stranded Ways, and secure money for them to facilitate their lives at the present time.

In Lebanon, the Ministry clarified that the Embassy of the State of Palestine has taken a series of steps since the beginning of the outbreak of the "Corona" virus emerging there, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, particularly the UNRWA, the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the Palestine Red Crescent Society, and Palestinian factions. , Popular committees, federations and working frameworks.

A series of meetings were held with the aforementioned bodies at the embassy headquarters, and measures and measures were taken to deal with possible injuries from our people in Lebanon, in terms of covering the costs of treatment, whereby "UNRWA" covered 90% of the costs, and 10% was guaranteed by the president.

She stated that specialized medical committees had been formed to monitor the field inside the camps, and a mechanism had been established to monitor the camps' entrances and exits, increase procedures, deal firmly to prevent gatherings, and commit to closure in parallel with the general mobilization plan announced by the Lebanese state, and factions and popular committees had been assigned to implement these preventive measures.

The Foreign Ministry added that the embassy, ​​in coordination with the concerned authorities, distributed materials and machines to initiate direct and intensive sterilization campaigns for neighborhoods and streets in all camps, coordinate and communicate with the Lebanese Red Cross, to transfer cases to specialized medical centers, and to develop a training program for medical staff from Red Crescent doctors and paramedics, To deal with cases, if any, with several parties such as the Red Cross and the Doctors Without Borders organization, with which UNRWA coordinates to equip the Siblin Institute, as a quarantine center.

She said: "Emergency rooms have been prepared to diagnose suspected cases outside the Al-Hamshari Hospital of the Palestine Red Crescent Society, and then to be transferred to the hospitals designated to carry out the necessary treatment. The hospital was also provided with a corona examination device, and work is underway to prepare a floor for twenty beds, including Six beds equipped with intensive care inside the hospital.

The embassy pointed out that since the beginning of the Corona crisis in Lebanon, 49 cases of symptoms of the disease have been suspected, but after the examination, it was found that all of them are negative, while only one case was recorded for a Palestinian returning from the Emirates before the closure of Rafic Hariri International Airport, and he lives outside the camp, But he recovered.

She stated that, since the beginning of the new Corona virus, the living and economic situation in Lebanon has increased, adding to our people additional burdens above the suffering that existed mainly, adding that since the beginning of the demonstrations in Lebanon, ten thousand bread bundles per day and supplies were distributed to all Camps to date.

The embassy and the PLO factions, with the participation of some civil institutions, launched a solidarity campaign with the aim of collecting donations to extend a helping hand to our people and help them in this difficult living situation, so that a committee formed from the aforementioned frameworks supervises them, and some civil institutions and organizations distribute food rations or Food vouchers for some needy families.

In Turkey, the embassy of the State of Palestine explained that the conditions of the community, students and refugees are being monitored around the clock, stressing that no new injuries were recorded in their ranks, so that the number stabilized until the moment at 11 injuries, and one case of recovery, while the others are receiving treatment, and their condition is all stable.

The embassy assured our people, that the rest of the community, the Palestinian refugees in Turkey, the stranded or students, are fine and well, and efforts are continuing in coordination with our general consulate in Istanbul and our communities and institutions in Turkish cities, to provide in-kind and material assistance and housing for those in need, according to the available capabilities.

She said: "22 food baskets were distributed to hidden families and students in the city of Ankara, providing 300 other and living cards to Palestinian families, in addition to finding housing for five citizens, and providing milk and medicine for three families in Istanbul, in coordination with the Palestinian Investor Union.

The conditions of our students in Turkey are also monitored and the necessary assistance is provided to them of all kinds. The biggest concern for all students is how to return to the homeland, but this is difficult in light of the current circumstances, as the world’s airports witness closures, and the embassy continues the process of counting stranded citizens and students who want to return to the homeland, Their number is estimated at 1700 citizens and students from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

And she revealed, "A list of the names of those stranded from the West Bank was handed over to the embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Ankara, and another list of those stranded from the Gaza Strip to the Egyptian embassy in Ankara, to take into account our citizens if they decide to evacuate their nationals.

The Consulate General of the State of Palestine in Istanbul continues to monitor the health status of a Palestinian girl who came to Turkey for treatment in the hospital, and oversees the solution of many daily problems and urgent needs of many citizens.

For its part, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Algerian Republic is following the conditions of the Palestinian community and students to check on their health, determine their needs, and renew mechanisms of communication with them.

And she agreed with the Crisis Cell to start preparing for the launch of a second relief campaign with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan for the members of our community and our students, including in-kind materials and money and as necessary, and works to limit the numbers of students in university housing, whom Algeria provides with some of the food supplies, while those in apartments and private homes Rented, will include distribution to those in need.

In Venezuela, the Embassy of the State of Palestine is following up the conditions of our community and students, noting that, as part of its efforts to cover the needs of Palestinian students in it, who are subject to the compulsory home quarantine announced by the Venezuelan authorities early last month, it has sent emergency financial aid to our students located outside the capital Caracas For those who could not be sent food aid.

The embassy assured our people of the safety and health of our community and students in Venezuela, confirming that no infection with the Corona virus was registered in their ranks, calling on them to adhere to the preventive measures announced by the Venezuelan authorities, especially the comprehensive domestic quarantine.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the State of Qatar confirmed the registration of two new infections with the "Corona" virus among the Palestinian community, which are for a husband and his wife, bringing the number of confirmed cases to six cases, all of whom are subject to quarantine in the hospital, explaining that it is following their conditions and reassuring them.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Belgium reported that a Palestinian family consisting of the father and mother and their four children was infected with the virus in the municipality of Anderlecht in Brussels, and they were placed in a home quarantine and their condition is stable, raising the number of injuries among the community members there to 70, confirming their follow-up of the community’s conditions in All centers and cities through the emergency committees.

In Iraq, the Embassy of the State of Palestine and the crisis cell continue to monitor the situation of the community around the clock, and 150 food parcels have been distributed to needy families, as well as following some medical cases that cannot cover the costs of treatment.

The Palestinian Mission to France reported that the number of injuries among our community members increased to 13, 10 of which were completely recovered and are now in the home quarantine, and the remaining three cases follow the treatment in the home quarantine and their health status is good.

In Spain, the Embassy of the State of Palestine confirmed the registration of 5 new injuries among the community, bringing the number of injuries so far to 25, and three deaths, indicating that it is counting the numbers of students, and monitoring their conditions around the clock to check on their health and living conditions.

In Tunisia, the emergency committee formed by the embassy staff, some members of the community, the General Union of Palestine Students and the Palestinian frameworks residing there continues to perform its work around the clock and follows up the conditions of the community and students, and supervises the collection of donations from community members to follow up on emergency cases, and the emergency committee received a group Aid in kind by a number of Tunisian associations to support students.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos stated that no injuries have yet been recorded among the embassy staff, community members, and students, and it is constantly communicating with them to check on their health and living conditions.

The Crisis Cell formed by the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Hungary is in constant contact with the community and students to check on their health, provide in-kind and financial assistance to those in need, and has purchased 500 medical masks, in addition to sterilization materials for the benefit of students in university housing.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Indonesian Republic assured our people that the conditions of the community and students are safe, sound, and safe, and there are no casualties among them so far.


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