Palestinian journalist blocs condemn incitement against journalist Hind Al-Khudari

Palestinian press blocs condemned today, Monday, the systematic incitement campaign against the journalist Hind Al-Khudari through the platforms of the UN WATCH supported by the Zionist lobby, an organization known for its hostile stances of the Palestinian people, journalists and defense activists On the Palestinian issue.

In a statement, the Palestinian media gathering considered this campaign as an "organized terror" targeting everyone who stands in the face of the occupation and its suspicious projects.

The platforms of the organization (UN WATCH) had published on its official page on the social networking site "Facebook" a provocative publication attached to the image of the colleague Al-Khudari, where the publication contained a clear attack by Israeli commentators, and threatened to harm her life and take practical measures against her.

This came in the wake of a special publication written by the female journalist on her personal page on "Facebook" to protest against the methodology of the occupation and the practices of a number of Israeli institutions and settlers against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Media Gathering affirmed that this organization (UN WATCH) did not adhere to the professionalism in the foundations of its work in the first place, nor did it hesitate for some time to pre-align the Israeli occupation and its allegations at the expense of the Palestinian novel, except for its clear and open hostility to all the free people in the world who support the Palestinian cause.

The assembly pointed out that this is not the first time that al-Khudari associates have been targeted by international media organizations hostile to the Palestinians, as one of the delegates of one of the American media outlets in the Gaza Strip dealt with al-Khudari associates in one of the reports in an abusive and unprofessional manner, and published a fabricated dialogue What was held to account at the time.

The media gathering called on international press institutions to implement professionalism and victory in the values ​​of justice and humanity, and not to double standards when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

For his part, the Democratic Media Gathering condemned that campaign, considering that the message of our colleague Al-Khudari represents the entire Palestinian and not just the media side, considering that normalization with the Israeli occupation is a national crime and a stab in the side of the Palestinian people.

The assembly considered that the fierce campaign of incitement against journalist Al-Khudari indicates the rightness of its national goal, which confirms the right of the Palestinian people to struggle against the Israeli occupation to obtain freedom, return and independence.

He demanded that all activists, journalists, media and human rights organizations and organizations need to support them and activate full solidarity with them, calling at the same time the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate to take strict punitive measures against some cacophonous media voices that justify normalization and were part of the campaign to incite journalist Al-Khudari.

The assembly stressed the need to stop the hostile policy that is practiced against the Palestinian media field and its employees as a clear goal of the institutions and organizations that support the occupation, whether media or human rights and others.


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