Social spacing in Spain will continue during the summer even on the beaches

The Spanish Ministry of Tourism announced on Sunday that the social separation measures will remain in effect in the country that attracts tens of millions of tourists annually, even on the beaches during the summer to avoid the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Asked about the possibility of limiting visits to the beach during the summer, Tourism Minister Reyes Maruto said, "It is important to keep healthy recommendations. We will have to continue with our hand-washing to social spacing ... even on beaches."

"Until we have a vaccine, nothing will be the same again," she said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper "El Pais". "The gatherings should be restricted to keep the safe distance."

Spanish beaches are still closed as part of the home quarantine measures in effect since 14 March in Spain, which are extended until 25 April at the earliest. The land borders were also closed.

The minister stressed that "the issue of borders will be resolved according to the development of the health crisis. I have no date" to reopen it.

Spain, one of the countries worst affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with more than 17,000 deaths, is ranked second globally on the list of the most important global tourist destinations after France. Tourism constitutes nearly 12% of the country's gross domestic product, which last year attracted a record number of 84 million tourists.

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