The latest developments in the spread of the emerging corona virus in the world

The latest developments in the new Corona virus outbreak, from the latest outcome of infections and deaths, to the latest measures and the most prominent developments:

The death toll of those infected with the new coronavirus in the world exceeded 1.5 million people, including 89,000 deaths, according to a census of France Press, according to official sources Thursday, 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the country most affected by the number of injuries (432,132, including 14,817 deaths).

Europe remains the continent with the highest number of injuries (787,744) and deaths (62,402). Italy has the largest number of deaths (17669), followed by Spain (15238), France (10869), and Britain (7097).

Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to see a recession in 2020 due to a new outbreak of the Corona virus, in a precedent more than a quarter of a century ago, the World Bank said Thursday.

On Wednesday evening, the Elysee Palace announced that the isolation in France, which was extended for the first time until 15 April, will continue after this date. President Emmanuel Macron is expected to address the French Monday evening.

The government, which has previously been criticized in this regard, has indicated that it will take the decision to impose the wearing of masks on the entire population if there is a "scientific consensus" in this regard.

European finance ministers are holding a new meeting Thursday evening after they failed yesterday to find a common economic response to counter the emerging Corona virus.

The Netherlands refuses to give in to Italian demands for loans granted to countries facing difficulties by the euro zone rescue fund, according to participants.

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde called on European countries to "stand side by side" to confront this crisis.

A unilateral ceasefire came into effect in Yemen on Thursday, announced by Riyadh, in the hope that this truce, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, will end a five-year-old conflict.

The major oil producing countries, in the forefront of which are OPEC countries, will hold an important video meeting Thursday in search of an agreement on the issue of reducing production, with the aim of supporting prices that collapsed with the outbreak of the new Corona virus and a price war between Riyadh and Moscow.

The UN Security Council is meeting for the first time Thursday to discuss the Covid-19 crisis, after weeks of divisions, especially between China and the United States.

The meeting, which will be closed via videoconference, will take place in a session that some diplomats have described as a "group therapy".

Taiwan on Thursday asked the WHO director to apologize after accusing Taipei of encouraging its citizens to attack his organization over its management of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Taiwan confirmed that this has never happened.

All over the world Christians are preparing to celebrate Easter in solitude as well as Jews.

Pope Francis will hold a mass of Thursday Thursday at 06:00 GMT without prayers. The rituals of washing the legs were also abolished to avoid any friction.

Pentecost celebrations in Nimes, the most important in France, that were scheduled from May 27 to June 1 were also canceled.


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