Melhem: There are no new cases of corona so far, and 120 samples are valid

The government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, announced this evening, Wednesday, that no new cases of coronavirus have been recorded so far, indicating that 120 samples showed the results of their examination uninfected, and that another 120 samples are under investigation.

Melhem stressed, during the evening briefing on the developments of the Corona virus, that the health conditions of all the infected in the quarantine centers are stable and are in good health.

He continued: "We are recording cases of recovery and injuries with a slow numerical progression, but this does not mean that we slacken in the precautionary measures and measures taken by the government, which is the basis of the case of recovery that provides a model for isolation, quarantine and social separation, which would result in health, wellness and recovery from this enemy." Al-Khafi, "once again, he called on workers and citizens to adhere to their homes in order to preserve their and their families' safety, and to care for the elderly.

Melhem and mourned two of our medical staff in the diaspora, and they are dealing with the Corona virus, and they are Dr. Nabil Khair, Vice President of the General Union of Palestinian Communities in Italy, and pharmacist Seif Titi, one of the pillars of the Palestinian community in New Jersey, USA.


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